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Ashley Robertson
2 min readApr 7, 2021

Published: January 22, 2018

This one is another project from one of my classes at the Art Institute. We were told to come up with a theme for a 3-book series and develop a concept to design the front and back covers. We had to make sure they were recognizable as coming from the same trilogy. I came up with books titled: Reproducing Perceptions.

3-Book Series

Fun Fact:
My technique to make the “entries” look like a young child did them was actually to use my left hand to draw and write them along with spelling mistakes. (See below)

These books are targeted towards parents of toddlers and young children. With each new parent is someone that is deciding which morals and rules are most important to teach your children. It’s hard to realize that everything you do once you have a child, can impact them whether in a positive or a negative way. To be specific; this trilogy is based on equality in gender, race, and sexual orientation.

The design is based off of journals that kids were given in grade school to write about their lives and draw pictures. This is the appropriate age at which students begin to learn more about equality and association. At this age, children do not know any more than we are all human. This is something that I will be wary of as a future parent and a controversial topic I wanted to delve into with my design. Each back cover is personalized with a drawing and written entry relatable to a scenario of inequality. I decorated the rest with a few doodles and/or stickers to make them look more like a used, realistic journal.



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