Art & Design are NOT the same thing

Ashley Robertson
2 min readJul 17, 2022

Published on: April 1, 2021

Did you know? Art & Design are not the same thing (icons of easel and a poster)

What is Art?

Art can be made in many forms. When speaking visually, it is a method of expression that leaves both the artist and the viewer the ability to interpret their own meaning or attach their own emotion to the piece.

It can be made in a multitude of styles from abstract to realism. The imagery may tell a story or be nonsensical. Art has more freedom to stray from any guidelines or direct themes. What one person sees or creates as Art, another person may not connect with at all.

What is Design?

Design is art created with intention and made to deliver a specific message with more ease. This is accomplished using supportive imagery that has: hierarchy, colour, balance, and more design principles.

These together create visual communication that can be understood nearly universally. Even when glanced at quickly, the message can still be successfully received (think: street signs). Design is information placed strategically in priority of what the viewer needs to learn.

That’s really cool. But wait – Ash, does that mean you are an artist or a designer?

The short answer? Both.

My focused profession is a Graphic Designer

I use design principles to create digital or print assets for marketing businesses. These stay consistent with their brand and help promote a product or service.

I also constantly create & sell my own Art

These are illustrations, crafts, and products I make when I have an idea that won’t leave my head. They’re for my own personal enjoyment but sold for people with similar humour and/or taste.

Now that you understand the difference, which one are you?



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