Published on: January 22, 2021

You spend all of this time collecting e-mails but then what? How do you convert them from VIEWERS into BUYERS?!⠀

3 Ideas to Turn Temporarily Interested Contacts into Loyal Customers:⠀

✅ OPT-IN FREEBIE: Give a freebie that includes REAL value (PDF workbook, free digital resource, etc.)⠀

Mistakes to avoid:⠀
❌ Not having a clear call to action so the user knows what they’re getting and why they need it.⠀

❌ Having too many clicks. You want it to be an immediate (or as little as 3-clicks) download process.⠀

❌ Don’t give away what you currently sell. Create a new item that…

Published: June 4, 2019

It’s time to get messy.

I spy a fizzling out of perfect, curated content and foresee a change of bringing back imperfection, nostalgia, and overall humanity in many aspects of the word.

I was recently standing in line at my local Subway when I noticed that the menus have changed. The first thing that caught my eye was the substitution of their past white background for a new dark grey and a green. It immediately reminded me of a blackboard/chalkboard and brought me back to learning in elementary school. I continued to scan the menu and…

Published: January 22, 2018

This one is another project from one of my classes at the Art Institute. We were told to come up with a theme for a 3-book series and develop a concept to design the front and back covers. We had to make sure they were recognizable as coming from the same trilogy. I came up with books titled: Reproducing Perceptions.

3-Book Series

Fun Fact:
My technique to make the “entries” look like a young child did them was actually to use my left hand to draw and write them along with spelling mistakes. (See below)

Published: January 1, 2018

The end of the year is without a doubt the busiest time for me. Within the last 3 months of the year I have my mom, boyfriend, and sister’s birthday; our anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more! These milestones leave me pre-occupied with event planning, present shopping, and all sorts of celebrations.

Now I’ve officially survived with limited money remaining in the bank, an overload of indulgences (food and gifts), and I’m ready to get back on track with my goals. I spent 2017 really panicking about what I wanted to do with my…

Published: November 14, 2017

If I were to take you back to my decision for getting into Graphic Design it would bring me back to high school. One of the main struggles that we have at that age is figuring out what we want to do with our lives. We were so young and to make that kind of commitment felt detrimental to how successful we would become in the future.

In high school, my main interests were anything that combined creativity and computers. I filled all of my electives up with either film, animation, or digital media classes; and…

Published: November 5, 2017

If there is anything that terrifies me that isn’t a tangible creature or object like a spider or a needle, it’s public speaking. Not even specifically public speaking, but speaking my own material in front of others. If you gave me a book that was written from someone else and you asked me to read it in front of an auditorium, no problem at all. But when it’s something coming from my own mind, such as a story I wrote, or a speech topic we had to perform in school; I would panic.

Year after year…

Published: October 15, 2017

As yesterday was Friday the 13th and Halloween is coming up soon, I’ve been in the spirit of spookiness. One of my favourite internet trends<! — more → are the Shortest Horror Stories forums. If you’ve never heard of these before, this is an example of one of my favourites:

“I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.”

I thought…

Published: October 1, 2017

Foot Meets Fashion
Concept Development
Packaging Design

Have you ever seen someone that is so stunning that they make your insides melt? Somebody whose eye contact you never want to break? You know that they deserve something for gracing you with their presence and I have made just the thing. Vanity Chocolates.

Gift them a box of chocolates that will show them exactly what you see. After reading the charming pun on the front, the receiver will not be able to resist smiling. In a moment of their true happiness and essence — they will…

Published: September 25, 2017

For most of my life, September was the start of a new school year. A change in my classes, my day-to-day peers, and my time schedule. This year has been a little bit different. I’ve graduated from both of my programs and I’m officially no longer in post-secondary. The result of this is that I didn’t get that resurgence or change in my life cycle that I’m so used to having. Naturally, when September came around this year, I still got the longing for something new. …

Published: September 16, 2017

I am the worst decision maker. Every decision I have in my head splits into different paths where I must foresee all of the outcomes before I actually choose. Even once I’ve predicted the results and have created an expectation for each — there’s still the possibility I will be unsure. I can’t explain why this happens.

When I know I need a shower it becomes a whole dilemma. Should I wake up early and shower or go to bed now? Should I keep my hair wet and braid it for bed so it’s curly in…

Ashley Robertson

A creative who dips her toes in an assortment of mediums. (Usually a medium hot chocolate, but this will do too).

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