Published on: January 22, 2021

You spend all of this time collecting e-mails but then what? How do you convert them from VIEWERS into BUYERS?!⠀

3 Ideas to Turn Temporarily Interested Contacts into Loyal Customers:⠀

✅ OPT-IN FREEBIE: Give a freebie that includes REAL value (PDF workbook, free digital resource, etc.)⠀

Mistakes to avoid:⠀
❌ Not having a clear call to action so the user knows what they’re getting and why they need it.⠀

❌ Having too many clicks. You want it to be an immediate (or as little as 3-clicks) download process.⠀

❌ Don’t give away what you currently sell. Create a new item that…

Ashley Robertson

A creative who dips her toes in an assortment of mediums. (Usually a medium hot chocolate, but this will do too).

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