3 Quick Tips to Convert Viewers into Buyers (+ Mistakes to Avoid)

Ashley Robertson
2 min readApr 7, 2021

Published on: January 22, 2021

You spend all of this time collecting e-mails but then what? How do you convert them from VIEWERS into BUYERS?!

3 Ideas to Turn Temporarily Interested Contacts into Loyal Customers:

✅ OPT-IN FREEBIE: Give a freebie that includes REAL value (PDF workbook, free digital resource, etc.)

Mistakes to avoid:
❌ Not having a clear call to action so the user knows what they’re getting and why they need it.

❌ Having too many clicks. You want it to be an immediate (or as little as 3-clicks) download process.

❌ Don’t give away what you currently sell. Create a new item that looks nice, adds value, and leaves them wanting more of the real thing.

✅ EDUCATIONAL: You can’t want what matters when you don’t know that it exists. Teach your audience what they need to know in order to want what you’re offering.

Mistakes to avoid:
❌ Not using plain English. Assume they don’t know tech lingo or acronyms. Write plainly, spell it out, or link to a source.

❌ Don’t just say “I clean carpets, hire me!”, say: “Did you know that after only 3 months there is already x amount of dust mites, bacteria + allergens in your carpet? In 6 months, that number doubles. We offer thorough carpet cleaning by professionals that will have them looking vibrant, smelling fresh, and feeling soft as new, once again.”

✅ PROMO CODES: Reward your subscribers with a discount on a product or service.

Mistakes to avoid:
❌ Not having a catchy subject line. Promo codes work great but they need to open your e-mail first. Create a subject line that they can’t say no to.

❌ Not putting it at the top. Don’t add a promo code 2-minutes into the copy, start with it.

❌ Not thinking about the date(s) you’re running them. Don’t offer a weekend crash course on resume building during Finals week for students. They’re busy. Instead, tease it so they can hop on that opportunity after they’re nearly done school and when they’re ready to prepare for real job hunts.

Don’t think INSTANT sales. It’s the consistent nurturing that keeps people interested. Remember that there will be registrants at the newly opted in stage, while others are already receiving their 4th e-mail with the clarity and intriguing offer they can’t refuse. Each e-mail helps further their understanding of how your product or service helps OR it keeps your business top of mind when payday hits and they finally have the opportunity and resources they need in order to buy.



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